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Summer Newsletter

The challenges of the first half of 2019 are not going away any time soon. A backdrop of uncertainty, mixed messages on house prices, increased competition and fee wars are highly likely to continue for the rest of the year.

Challenging circumstances demand a change in behaviour and approach alongside the raising of standards and skills.

The articles below focus on best practice principles that ensure agents survive and thrive in tricky times.

Have a read and let us know which of the ideas you're going to implement and any other changes you've made to deal with your challenges.

As JFK said 'Change is a way of life. Those who focus on the past and present are certain to miss the future.'

Autumn Newsletter


It is hard to accept the long hot summer is over and some agents may have one eye on Christmas already! Not the best ones though.

This is my 35th year in estate agency and the challenges facing estate agents right now are arguably amongst the hardest I have seen through that time.

So what do the best agents do in these trying circumstances? They plan, they coach their team, they look after their vendors, they phone their applicants, they mine their database for valuation opportunities, they attend industry events and training courses to learn new techniques to help them win business. In short, they face up to the challenges, change and improve and make things happen.

Reading the articles in our latest newsletter may be an activity worth adding to the above list of things to do to improve business levels. Enjoy.

A long hot Summer or a long hard one?


We are loving the hot weather here at TM training & development's HQ but we know that the market in many parts of the country has cooled down in terms of activity quite significantly. More competition, instructions hard to come by, fee wars and many buyers playing a "wait and see" game adds up to some severe challenges for estate agents to adapt to and overcome. The articles in this newsletter are directly geared to helping defeat those challenges. So buy yourself a Cornetto (other ice creams are available - but hey - they are not as good are they?), pull up a lounger in your garden this evening before or after the footie, read and enjoy.

Time to 'Spring' into action...


Finally Winter seems to have beaten a retreat and we can turn our attention towards the Spring, with promises of lighter evenings and better weather.

Obviously this is a crucial period for estate agents to ensure they hoover up as many of the opportunities that present themselves in terms of stock. Many people perceive that the best thing to do is to get their house on the market once the daffodils appear, leading to a much needed upturn in instructions for the agents who spot and convert those opportunities.

We have included some best practice principles in our latest newsletter to ensure you are one of the winners in the forthcoming Spring battle. Enjoy!

The Final Push....


November is almost halfway through and some agents may have one eye on Christmas already. Not the best ones though.

This is my 34th year in estate agency and someone with an even longer track record than mine commented recently that the market in the South is the hardest he has ever known.

So what do the best agents do at this time of year? They plan, they coach their team, they visit their vendors, they phone their applicants, they mine their database for valuation opportunities, they attend industry events and training courses to learn new techniques to help them win business. In short, they make it the busiest time of year by creating a platform of activity for January and beyond.

Reading the articles in our latest newsletter may be another activity worth adding to your list of things to do to improve business levels. They are all focused on exactly that goal. Enjoy.

Summer newsletter from TM training & development

The challenges of the first half of 2017 are not going away any time soon. A backdrop of uncertainty, mixed messages on house prices, increased competition and fee wars are highly likely to continue for the rest of the year.

Challenging circumstances demand a change in behaviour and approach alongside the raising of standards and skills.

The articles below focus on best practice principles that ensure agents survive and thrive in tricky times.

Have a read and let us know which of the ideas you're going to implement and any other changes you've made to deal with your challenges.

As JFK said "Change is a way of life. Those who focus on the past and present are certain to miss the future."

Are you ready to "Spring" into action?

With a backdrop of uncertainty created by Brexit, the short term distraction of a General Election, reduced numbers of transactions and increased competition, there has never been a more important time to raise standards of customer service and improve selling skills. Adding value to the customer experience is essential to ensure you are perceived as different from and superior to your competition. Our Spring newsletter focuses on defeating the challenges agents face in 2017 and possibly beyond. Enjoy!

Yes that is right! Julian is offering free training places at our open courses

Yes that is right! Julian is offering free training places at our open courses being held in Norwich, Southampton and Cheltenham. The free places are being offered in association with Rightmove. To be in with a chance of winning one all you need to do is read the article below.

Will it really be a Happy New Year?


What a year of shocks 2016 has been. As a David Bowie fan, the news of his sad passing knocked me sideways and seemed to set the tone for a series of jaw-dropping surprises which culminated in the recent USA Presidential election result.

 The property market rarely reacts favourably to shocks and these, coupled with economic uncertainty as the Brexit process unravels are leading inevitably to a "wait and see" attitude amongst some vendors and purchasers.

 As the final weeks of 2016 approach and our minds turn to 2017, it is a great time to assess how well your business is equipped for facing the challenges the new year is likely to bring.

The articles in this edition of our newsletter focus on how to raise standards and implement great ideas to seize more than your current market share.

So pour yourself a mulled wine and...ahem...mull over our final newsletter of 2016.

Just before you do so, I would like to take this opportunity to wish all our valued clients all over the UK a very happy Christmas and a healthy, prosperous New Year.

Everyone's an expert. Really?


Following the shock result of the recent referendum, every Tom, Dick and Harry has come forward with their view on what the impact of Brexit will be on the property market. We have our own views here at TM training but our egos are not big enough to be inclined to force those views upon you! It doesn't take a genius to work out that we are going to be in a "wait and see" market for a while and as such, agents need to be better than ever before at spotting and prioritising the "must move" clients and applicants. Our mystery shopper exercises are sadly showing huge weaknesses in those aforementioned disciplines.  However, as we have been swamped with agents asking what might happen in the medium and longer term, we sought the opinion of an expert. See below for the words of wisdom of Keith Butten highly regarded and eminent Certified Financial Planner and Chartered wealth Manager, which are addressed to his huge client base of investment clients. They pay for his advice and insight, but he has permitted us to share it with our clients for free. It will provide you with invaluable balanced fact-based information that you can impart to your clients and customers to provide reassurance and guidance, and ultimately to reinforce their perception of you as their knowledgeable, trusted property adviser.

We will be scheduling a number of "Dealing with the post-Brexit market" courses which focus on how to win a dominant share of a diminished market. Let us know if you would like to be on our priority list for those courses.

In the meantime, keep calm and raise your standards higher than those of your competitors. After all, when the going gets tough, the tough get better.

Are you ready for the challenges of 2016?

So we are six weeks into the new year and on our training travels around the country since Christmas, we continue to see "internet only" agents gaining momentum, stock generally in short supply and fees under massive pressure.
We have trained firms already this year in Milton Keynes, Cirencester, Stoke on Trent, Lincoln, Cobham, King's Langley, Leamington Spa, St Neots, Leeds, Brighton, Stevenage, Maidstone, Newark, Pinner, Shrewsbury, Hemel Hempstead, London, Weybridge, Stratford upon Avon, Gatwick, Newcastle, Taunton, Monmouth and elsewhere, with the general picture emerging that things are good but not easy.
Those firms invested in training to give themselves an edge. Thankfully they then look to reinvest with us still further due to the results the initial training achieves. The premise is simply that the training more than pays for itself.
As a result, we have bookings through until January 2017, but we are always keen to talk to more potential client firms. As one of our regular clients stated "It is the best investment we will make this year".
We look forward to talking to you. In the meantime, our newsletter will give you a taste of how we roll. Enjoy.


As John Lennon, who was so shockingly gunned down 35 years ago, sang "And so this is Christmas, and what have you done?"
The final weeks of December are a great time for reflection and review, as to what has been achieved in your business in the calendar year. For lots of businesses, it has been a good year, though not an easy one.
Many agents will be hoping that Santa brings them some properties to sell as stock is in such short supply. I hate to break it to you, but Santa isn't likely to do that. So what can you do instead?
How about reviewing every key stage of your instruction process from client awareness through to closing skills. There are numerous stages in between and the only guaranteed way of increasing business levels is to ensure every single stage of your process is better than those of your competitors.
Ask yourself what you and your team could do to make that happen. It doesn't need to cost money - just a bit of time and effort.
Get your team together, ask them for their ideas on how your business can improve at each stage, then pick the best and put them into practice. The improvements will inevitably lead to more business next year and guess what?
You'll have a much happier Christmas in 2016 as a result!

Preparing for the final push...


The last quarter of the year is always so significant. Dual key objectives are to drive out income to ensure the calendar year as a whole hits target while simultaneously putting new sales together to ensure the starting pipeline for the new year is healthy.  

Historically, some agents have been guilty of talking and thinking themselves into a quieter market as the end of the year approaches. Some are already doing so! Meanwhile agents who keep their foot on the gas right through until Christmas will reap the rewards in 2016.
This edition of our newsletter focuses on how to give your agency the edge over your competition during this critical period.
And remember, staff training to raise standards in all you do needs to play a part in your strategy for success. Our most forward thinking firms are already booking training with us for 2016 - some as far ahead as twelve months. Quarter 4 is the best time to plan your staff training programme for the following year. Give us a call and we can discuss yours!

Time for change?

 Autumn brings a change to the weather, the landscape around us and the amount of daylight hours we enjoy. Whether it will also bring a change to the property market remains to be seen. Either way, change is a key issue for estate agents right now.

Market conditions dictate that sales and lettings agents cannot rely on a natural flow of business. Transaction numbers have fallen significantly year on year, with low levels of available stock the main concern - "Property drought reaches crisis point" was one recent headline attributed to a story about the fact that the average estate agent reported a 20% drop in the number of people selling up since June.

So, stock remains key. As a result of this fundamental business challenge, if agents are going to seize sufficient market share and dominate their market place, it is not enough to simply work harder or keep fingers crossed. It is crucial to change and to raise standards.
One estate agency firm we run training for runs a business development meeting in their branches every month, allowing every single member of the team to have an input into how their company could adapt and improve, during a two hour get together with no interruptions. Mystery shopper calls are listened to and reviewed, customer feedback is studied and dissected, close scrutiny is made of what other agents are doing, brainstorming is carried out on how to improve the customer experience and detailed market share statistics are monitored and discussed. This honest forum has spawned a whole raft of ideas that have ensured superb results in the face of stiff competition. A market share of 27% in a town where 12 agents operate is not a coincidence.
Remember the old adage "If you focus on results, things will never change. If you focus on change, you will get results."
Thanks for being on our mailing list. Enjoy our newsletter. 

When the going gets tough...

There are some serious challenges out there for vast numbers of estate agency firms. The chronic lack of instructions has led to a fee bloodbath in many areas. I have heard High Street agents actually quoting 0.25% and £250 fees respectively in recent weeks. This will mean a slow lingering death for those that drag themselves down to that level.
So, when the going gets tough, what do the tough do? Get going?
Well, actually, we think they get better. The tough agents will change what they do, raise standards in all key parts of their processes, and ultimately be seen as a different and superior agent compared to their competitors.
There have been a few recent estate agency branch closures that have come to my attention. What did those branches have in common? An inability to adapt to the challenges of a changing market.
It brings to mind the famous quote from Machiavelli
“This is the tragedy of man. Circumstances change, and he does not.”
Enjoy our latest newsletter which focuses on ideas and best practice principles to tackle the challenge ahead. Good luck!

A game of two halves?

So the first half of the year has zipped past. What will the second half bring? While none of us have a crystal ball, a general view from industry experts is that the rest of 2015 will bring similar challenges to the first six months.
Stock remains at a premium and completed transactions for the early part of the year were down by around 18% on the same period last year, according to Land Registry statistics. For traditional high street agents, these issues represent a real problem, particularly when "internet only" agents are clearly attempting to, and apparently succeeding in, gaining momentum and market share.
These challenges need to be faced by agents with a readiness to change and raise standards in all they do. If the market size remains stunted, the best agents recognise the need to grab more of that market. The only proven way to achieve that goal is to be tangibly different from and better than your competitors.
Upskilling staff and raising standards in all customer and client interactions are essentials. There are some free tips and ideas relating to those principles in our newsletter. Get in touch if you'd like some more.

Where do we go from here?

With the election behind us and a promised heatwave ahead, June is always a great time to review and reflect before tackling the challenges of the second half of the year.
There is no doubt that estate agents need to continually up their game in the face of market challenges and stiffer competition. Completed sales for January and February were significantly less than last year (130,169 across the first two months of 2014, compared to 107,271 in 2015), making the sales market a harder place to operate in. Traditional "high street" agents are also having their market share nibbled at by "internet only" alternatives.
So, there is no doubt that raising standards of service and behaviour remains key to maintaining and increasing market share. "Dare to be different!" is proving one of our most in-demand courses at present, with its sole focus on standing out from the crowd in the right way. It serves as a great motivational event for negotiators and helps them get exceptional results. Call us for a quote for your company. As one owner said, after we ran the session for his troops... "It is likely to be the best investment we make this year"...
We do of course recognise that not every agent has the budget for staff training, so, as always, our newsletter provides free tips and techniques on massively improving your business and its results. Enjoy.

Are you running a winning campaign?


With the country now just days away from deciding who governs over the coming years, everyone involved in the property industry is waiting to see the result and the subsequent actions of the new regime that may affect our businesses.
Whether it be a mansion tax, scrapping of tenants' fees, a review of stamp duty or rent capping, there will almost certainly be developments that will affect the property market. Housing has become a huge political issue and agents need to be ready for whatever changes are introduced.

But there are other lessons to be learnt from the election. Political parties have been campaigning hard to raise their profile locally and to secure votes. So what can agents learn from this activity?

One question we suggest to our client firms that they should ask themselves regularly (certainly more often than every 5 years!) is this – “If there were a vote taken locally as to who was the most active estate agent in your area, which agent would win?”

If the answer is not your agency, perhaps you need to rethink your “campaigning” in order to secure more votes in the future! Our first article gives some thoughts on the matter and the other articles all focus on helping your agency raise standards to ensure you emerge victorious. Enjoy.

The times they are a-changing...

 Change is the watchword this month. The weather is turning milder, there are imminent reforms relating to pensions, the election and potential change of government is starting to take up more and more column inches and there has even been a change of ownership here at TM training & development.
What is less certain is how market conditions may change over the coming months. We are seeing a very patchy picture on our training travels around the country, with some of our client firms reporting a fantastic start to March, while others, particularly in London are telling a different tale.
Four recent major house price reports contradicted each other with two reporting recent rises and the other two detailing recent falls, creating mixed messages in the media.
Whatever the market brings during 2015, one thing that never changes is the need to stand out from the competition. Differentiation is the only surefire way of increasing market share. So, enjoy our latest newsletter which, as always, focuses on raising standards to ensure you are better than your rivals. After all, that is one change that you are in control of.

Was it good for you?

So the first month of 2015 has come and gone in what seemed like the blink of an eye. We hope it was good for you. Most of the estate agency firms to whom we provided training and consultancy support in January cited available stock as the biggest challenge. Only a couple of weeks ago, Rightmove reported that the average number of available properties for sale per agency branch has fallen for each of the past 5 months from 72 in July 2014 to 57 in January. 
Diminishing stock is clearly an unsustainable state of affairs for estate agents and it necessitates a raising of standards, implementation of new ideas and a lot of hard work. 
Alongside the aforementioned stock issue, traditional estate agents have the looming threat of "internet only" competitors taking an element of available instructions.This situation represents a significant challenge.
We hesitate to wish you "Good luck" with that challenge. After all, you make your own luck in business. However, you might just find that the content of our latest newsletter will improve your chances of tackling that challenge successfully. Enjoy.

Happy New Year? Let's make it one!

I am never sure what the acceptable latest date is to wish people a happy new year, but at the risk of being past that point, please accept that sentiment from us all here at TM training & development. 
After a record year in 2014, it is always sobering to start a new year from scratch, with the intention and desire to try and build on previous success. Early signs are that the market is lively for many agents in many areas, stock is still king and that 2015 will still provide challenges with the continuing impact of MMR, mixed media messages on house prices and an imminent election likely to be factors.
Our first newsletter of the year contains, unusually, just one main article. Such was the impact of a recent trip taken by my family and I, that I wanted to share the business lessons learnt. Plus, we know how busy you all are, so it might just be that one article is all you have time to read.
We have included our updated list of open course events for 2015, which have attracted record attendances in recent months. It would be great to see clients old and new at some of those in the coming weeks.
Our newsletter and our courses, plus the consultancy and mentoring we carry out for sales and lettings agents are geared to ensuring that a happy new year is not merely a sentiment, but a reality.

New year, new challenges, new ideas?

As the final weeks of 2014 approach and our minds turn to 2015, it is a great time to assess how well your business is equipped for facing the challenges the new year is likely to bring. The articles in this edition of our newsletter focus on how to raise standards and implement great ideas to seize more than your current market share.
So pour yourself a mulled wine and...ahem...mull over our final newsletter of 2014.
Just before you do so, I would like to take this opportunity to wish all our valued clients all over the UK a very happy Christmas and a healthy, prosperous New Year.

2014...what a year it has been! 2015...what a year will it be?

With many of our estate agency client firms reporting record figures, income and profits, 2014 has been a kind year to many. However, here at TM training & development, we are seeing more and more evidence of the market tightening up.
"Christmas come early" say some. We think not.
The impact of MMR, arguably overheated prices, an impending election and suchlike lead us to the conclusion that 2015 will be a harder environment.
But...when the market gets tough, the tough get better.
This month's newsletter tackles the potential 2015 challenges head on by featuring articles geared to helping agents increase and protect income. Enjoy.

Whisper it quietly...


...but it is only 10 weeks until Christmas. Where did 2014 go?

 Well, it isn't finished with yet. The best agents look forward to squeezing every bit of business out of the next 70 days, while some of their competitors take their foot off the gas.

 What are you going to do in that time to ensure that Quarter 4 is a winner and that Quarter 1 starts 2015 off with a bang?

 To start with, you might want to make yourself a coffee and take 15 minutes out of your busy schedule to read this month's newsletter as it outlines the best ways to make business happen in the latter stages of the year, which in turn will mean that your Christmas will be that much happier. Enjoy!

Ready for the final push?

Quarter 4 is always so crucial to success. The two key aims are driving out income to ensure the calendar year as a whole hits target and simultaneously putting new business together to ensure the starting pipeline for the new year is healthy.
Agents who keep their foot on the gas right through until Christmas will reap the rewards in 2015.
This edition of our newsletter focuses on how to give your agency the edge over your competition during this critical period.
And remember, staff training to raise standards in all you do needs to play a part in your strategy for success. Our most forward thinking firms are already booking training with us for 2015. Quarter 4 is the best time to design a training programme for the following year. Don't leave it too late!

Will the sun keep shining?

Summer rolls on and the weather has been generally pretty pleasant. It brings its own challenges for us at TM training & development, particularly running training courses in rooms without air conditioning, but we mustn't grumble - after all, it won't be long until we are moaning about the cold.
But what about the climate within the property market? We all know the old saying "Make hay while the sun shines"...but what if it stops shining? There is strong anecdotal evidence that things are becoming tougher. A reduction in applicants registering, a fall in asking prices, not quite the stampede towards new instructions that we witnessed in the Spring...
This edition of our newsletter assumes that the second half of 2014 will not be as bright as the first. Astute agents are already gearing up for changing conditions - we have seen a significant increase in demand for our selling and negotiation courses.
Whatever happens during the rest of the year, enjoy the newsletter and we hope you will find the suggestions for improving your business useful in the coming months.

A game of two halves?

The England football team may have arrived home before the postcards, but it may be their early exit meant the World Cup was less of a distraction for home buyers and sellers than it might otherwise have been. The Summer market remains busy in most places.
However, many property experts are suggesting that the second half of 2014 will be less brisk than the first half. MMR is having an impact and certain lenders are tightening lending criteria.
Whatever the market conditions for the rest of the year, the way to success is always to find the best way of doing things and to do things that way every day.
Our newsletter will give you some ideas to help keep business levels up while our training and consultancy services are geared to assist your staff in raising their standards well above those of your competition.

Get in touch and have a chat about how we can make you a winning team!

Here we go!

So the World Cup 2014 is finally here and the fixture times mean that despite our industry's long hours, a good many matches will be watched by sales and lettings agents up and down the country.
There are 64 matches in total over the coming weeks, including the final on July 13th when the winners will be crowned. My money is on hosts Brazil.
But whichever team wins, it will be down to them being a group of highly talented individuals who are organised and motivated to achieve a common goal of defeating their competition and being the best - just like being the best estate agency in your area really.
This newsletter is geared to helping you become winners. We hope you enjoy it.

Mind your own "busyness"

Many agents I talk to are so busy right now that I wonder how many of you will have time to read this newsletter! But do try - we have aimed it at those of you whose "busyness" may ultimately affect the quality of your "business". The results of working at full tilt are not always positive, so take 15 minutes, make a cup of tea, sit somewhere quietly and read on. It could be the best investment of your time this week...

Are Estate Agents really all the same?

We hope you all had a lovely Easter and with better weather and the traditional upturn at this time of year, it is time to "Spring" into action and make the best of the lively market conditions. Stock as ever remains key to success and differentiation is the only guaranteed way to grow market share. So how different is your business? How different are your staff? How different is the experience that customers have with you compared to what they get from your competitors? Now is the time to reflect and review everything you do to attract instructions. We have just carried out some consultancy work with an agent who were being called out to 3 out of every 10 valuations in their town. By introducing new ideas and tweaking current practices, they are now getting out to 4 of every 10. This achievement, alongside an improved conversion rate as a result of our valuers training programme, means the bottom line is going to look very much better in the second half of 2014. We are now working with them to increase their strike rate still further. Feel free to pick up the phone and have a chat with us as to how we could help your business. In the meantime, enjoy the newsletter!

So Spring seems to have finally sprung.

The optimism in the air about the property market seems to be prevalent in most areas. Positive press coverage about the market and the publicity about the extension in the budget of the Help to Buy scheme have all helped create confidence and momentum. The opportunities for a brilliant year are before us - however, winning stock remains the big issue. If you want to seize more than your fair share of the market, you need to present yourselves as a different and memorable option in the eyes of potential vendors and landlords. In 2014, we have been involved in a number of projects directly designed to help get agents through more doors and to ensure they increase their conversion rate from valuation to instruction. Achieving those two objectives is making a massive difference to the income and profit of our client firms. In the case of one agent, an idea of ours secured an extra 162 valuations. Why not get in touch to find out how we can help you? In the meantime, enjoy our newsletter - there is, as ever, no theory here, just proven practical ideas to help you develop your staff and your business...

Need more stock???

So January came and went in the twinkling of an eye, with business levels healthy for the vast majority of agents whom we work with. However, the spectre of lack of stock is still looming large. This newsletter has a key focus on helping you win stock on the right terms, but we would also urge that you book yourself and/or colleagues onto one of our imminent training courses. The feedback to these is constantly fantastic particularly insofar as the courses provide practical ideas to win stock straight away. You can book online (subject to availability) and look forward to a motivational event with likeminded proactive agents. See you there!

Happy New Year!

So 2014 is here and who knows what highs and lows we will experience in the world of property sales and lettings. One thing is certain however...that stock will be key to success. For that reason alone, January is a critical month for instructions as it builds the stock to sell or let in Q1 of the new year. It is a great time therefore to reflect on why clients should instruct you rather than the competition, on what you do differently and/or better than other agents. Review your services objectively, find out what the competition are offering and make sure all staff can promote the reasons for using you instead of any other agent. If you cannot find differences, you need to create some! Open longer hours, broaden your advertising, train your staff, improve service levels - do whatever you need to stand out from the crowd. The public typically think we are all the same - it is your responsibility to prove them wrong! That way you will win more business and make sure 2014 really is a happy new year!

"Happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year"

As 2013 nears an end, it is time to review your processes and practices to make sure they are finely tuned. That way, you'll ensure your 2014 is indeed as prosperous as possible. We trust the articles in our final 2013 newsletter will help you do just that!

Little things mean a lot...

At a time where stock is in short supply, it is vital to get everything right in an effort to attract vendors and landlords to your company. However, so many agents are getting things horribly, horribly wrong…To make sure you're not one of them read the next article..

Time for the final push...

As we reach the final quarter of 2013 many of our client firms are seeing continued excellent sales performance, but with that comes challenges for a vast number of agents in terms of stock levels. If this issue is affecting you, it is crucial to understand and review your agency's "instruction process" to make sure you are performing at every key stage and winning the lion's share of available properties in your area. Our first article will give you some ideas that will help....

Shortlisted for Success

We are really thrilled to have been shortlisted for the prestigious Negotiator Supplier of the Year award for services to the Estate Agency industry. Having won the Sunday Times Gold Supplier of the Year Award in 2010, TM training & development are always keen to benchmark ourselves against the very best businesses. A big part of our business is helping sales and lettings agents win industry awards through training the staff in key skill areas, as well as assisting in compiling award submissions for our client firms. Having been judges on many award panels over the years, we have an important insight into what such judges are looking for! Putting submissions together for such industry awards is a really valuable exercise in itself as it forces business owners to be genuinely objective about all elements of their business. It is useful as it can sometimes reveal areas of weakness that need addressing, which otherwise might not have been spotted. This process in itself helps agents improve what they do. Win or lose, we are pleased to have been shortlisted and wish all our client firms who are also in the running for Negotiator awards the very best of luck!

Sharpen up for the final push...


Stock up for the Autumn...

With sales records apparently being smashed by agents here, there and everywhere, as well as the delights of a proper Summer, things in the world of estate agency seem rather good for many. However, a word of caution as to stock levels, which for many agents are sliding significantly... Generating and winning instructions are essential areas to improve upon to ensure you get more than your fair share of the market in the coming months. We run sessions all over the UK which cover a raft of best practice principles and which directly impact on the quantity and quality of instructions. We offer a money back guarantee if you don't get new ideas from the session to improve your stock levels - so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain! See you there!

Estate Agency Awards Season

As Summer finally appears to be upon us, it may seem as if "Estate Agency Awards Season" as we call it in TM training & development is a long way off, given that a good many Estate Agency awards ceremonies take place in November and December. However, now is the time for agents to give serious consideration to their award submissions. This article will provide some insights in how to put an effective submission together and thereby increase your chances of victory...

What IS the market doing?


Reach for the Stars!


What an amazing start to 2013 it has been!

There seems to be a great deal of optimism out there and some genuine good news in the media. Most reports suggest prices edging up, there was the highest number of first time buyers getting on the ladder last year since 2007, 74% of professional landlords are looking to increase their property portfolio in 2013 and much more. But as a word of caution, many industry experts maintain that we may never see the numbers of sales per annum as we saw before the downturn. The start of any year is crucial to agents' cashflow - the first three or four months are vital in ensuring the right stock is listed. Our "Winning More Instructions" and "Sell/Let More Property" courses are our most demanded by both sales and lettings agents - get yourself booked on one today and see instant results in the quality and quantity of your instructions, and sales figures. Or you'll get your money back! Visit our brand new website for more details and to book!

2013....unlucky for some?

With just a few weeks of 2013 gone, there appears to be a large number of estate agents surfing on a new wave of optimism. Many of my client firms are reporting brisk business despite challenging weather. Several house price and market reports (including Land Registry, Rightmove and the ONS) have offered up positive outlooks as to where values are going or will go in the next twelve months. However, a dollop of caution is necessary as house price movement is something of a red herring for agents. Transaction numbers are our lifeblood. The number of residential sales across England and Wales in 2012 looks like being similar to 2011 (between 600,000 and 650,000), namely less than half the heady days of the pre-downturn years. Dividing the total residential sales by the number of estate agency branches makes grim reading as the figures suggest strongly that there are insufficient transactions to sustain the number of outlets. The key to 2013 is to face that challenge by upskilling to seize a larger market share. Valuers need to be the best in the area to win more than their fair share of instructions. Negotiators need to be better than ever before at spotting and maximising sales opportunities. These objectives are not met by willpower alone. It is time to train and coach staff to the highest possible level of performance. Call us and we will talk you through your options. 2013 is going to be a battle - make sure your troops are equipped for it!

Merry Christmas from TM training & development


Training in January 2013

If you think that 2013 is going to be a challenging year for Estate Agents now is the time to ensure your staff recieve the training needed to have an edge over your competitors. TRAINING IN JANUARY In ST NEOTS, CAMBRIDGESHIRE: "Gaining Quality Instructions" Wednesday 16th January 2013 In ST NEOTS, CAMBRIDGESHIRE: "Leading Your Sales Team to Success" (The key actions estate agency managers need to take to achieve success) Tuesday 22nd January 2013 In BRISTOL: "Gaining Quality Instructions" Wednesday 30th January 2013 (am) In BRISTOL "Selling In A Tougher Market" Wednesday 30th January 2013 (pm) For more information or to book please visit our website

New training course dates imminent!

TM training are pleased to announce that the next series of open courses will be released week commencing 19th November. Subjects will include "Winning Quality Instructions" for valuers of all levels, "Effective Selling Skills" for any staff involved in putting sales together and "Leading your team to success in 2013" for owners and directors. More information will follow soon but in the meantime, if you would like to know anything more at this stage or put yourself on the waiting list, please call 01480 405583 or email

Making Business Happen

With the second half of 2012 already well under way, it is time to focus on raising standards to ensure a successful remainder of the year and a healthy pipeline going into 2013. Our new training course dates have just been released with more to follow - their sole objective is to add money to your bottom line. Details can be found below. There are also a couple of articles directly focusing on winning and retaining stock, key elements to running a successful agency at any time but particularly in a challenging market. The old rule still holds as true as it ever did..."The definition of insanity is doing the same things tomorrow as you did today and expecting a different outcome..." What is your agency doing differently in the second half of 2012? If the answer is nothing, call us for proven practical ideas to make business happen!

New Tour Dates Announced

Two new training course dates have just been added to our schedule. On Wednesday 20th June at the St Neots training centre we will be running our popular "Supervisory Management Skills" for business owners and branch managers and on Tuesday 3rd July the tour will be going to Manchester, where the training course will be "Winning Quality Instructions", ideal for valuers of all levels of experience as it focuses on how to gain more business on the best possible terms. "Your enthusiasm and positive method of presenting is infectious and your ability to engage and challenge even the most experienced agents is extremely valuable to anyone who makes the effort to apply the principles and content you delivered on the day. The fact that you are a successful practising agent provides a unique perspective" - Roger Wilkinson, Wilkinson and Grant. All places are £95 plus vat per person and can be booked via our web site at

Winning quality instructions and other key issues

We are running two of our most popular courses, "Winning Quality Instructions in a Tougher Market" on Wednesday 9th May and "Making More Money from Lettings" on Tuesday 22nd May at our training centre in Cambridgeshire. If you would like to come along the price is £95 plus Vat per delegate, full details and booking form can be found on our web site

Open Courses

Here at our newly opened training centre in Eaton Socon, we are holding some more of our most popular open courses. The courses will be run by Julian O'Dell and Peter Chapman. The Course details are as follows. "Making More Money From Lettings" Friday 20th April 10am to 1pm "Leading Your Sales Team To Success" Tuesday 24th April 10am to 1pm "Winning Quality Instructions In A Tougher Market" Wednesday 9th May 10am to 1pm Courses cost £95.00 plus vat per delegate. Bookings can be made via our website, emailing us at or by calling the office on 01480 405583.

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