Are your customers suitably disturbed?

Are your customers suitably disturbed?


People tend not to act unless they are “disturbed” – this is a new role for many negotiators as the market has “disturbed” buyers in the past whereas currently we are in a market where many people can simply “wait and see”. Interest rates, property prices and transaction numbers have been relatively steady for several years and whereas in the past, the public were "disturbed into action" by market forces (particularly rapidly rising or plummeting prices), many are now sitting on the hands in a state of inertia fuelled by media-driven confusion - in other words, "I am waiting to be unconfused"...

There is an old adage in selling – “Emotion creates motion” – in other words where there is an underlying emotion, people will move!

Customers act to achieve a goal and/or to avoid a penalty – for example, people are driven to move by the goal of giving their children a better lifestyle/safer environment or by fear of financial loss. Equally, house buyers may have a goal of making their life easier by living closer to work or to an ailing relative, or by the penalty of not seeing their grandchildren grow up or by continuing to live next door to noisy neighbours.

If a negotiator can establish the perceived penalties and/or goals behind the possible house move, he/she can use that information to “disturb” the customer to act.

Things to say to “disturb” customers…

“What will happen if you miss out on that property…?”

“What will the implications be if house prices do fall by 10% this year…?”

“I would hate to see you reach a situation where…”

“Are you confident that you will secure a better offer than this one…?”

"How would you feel if…?”

"What would be the impact if you were still unsold at the end of the year?"

Exceptional salespeople recognise and use the important skill of "disturbing" customers particularly in times where market conditions fail to do so...

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