Will the sun keep shining?

Will the sun keep shining?

Summer rolls on and the weather has been generally pretty pleasant. It brings its own challenges for us at TM training & development, particularly running training courses in rooms without air conditioning, but we mustn't grumble - after all, it won't be long until we are moaning about the cold.
But what about the climate within the property market? We all know the old saying "Make hay while the sun shines"...but what if it stops shining? There is strong anecdotal evidence that things are becoming tougher. A reduction in applicants registering, a fall in asking prices, not quite the stampede towards new instructions that we witnessed in the Spring...
This edition of our newsletter assumes that the second half of 2014 will not be as bright as the first. Astute agents are already gearing up for changing conditions - we have seen a significant increase in demand for our selling and negotiation courses.
Whatever happens during the rest of the year, enjoy the newsletter and we hope you will find the suggestions for improving your business useful in the coming months.

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