Whisper it quietly...

Whisper it quietly...

...but it is only 10 weeks until Christmas. Where did 2014 go?

 Well, it isn't finished with yet. The best agents look forward to squeezing every bit of business out of the next 70 days, while some of their competitors take their foot off the gas.

 What are you going to do in that time to ensure that Quarter 4 is a winner and that Quarter 1 starts 2015 off with a bang?

 To start with, you might want to make yourself a coffee and take 15 minutes out of your busy schedule to read this month's newsletter as it outlines the best ways to make business happen in the latter stages of the year, which in turn will mean that your Christmas will be that much happier. Enjoy!

Quarter 4 is such a crucial period in the estate agency calendar year.

The best agents employ salespeople, not polite dispensers of information.

Are your customers sufficiently disturbed?

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