Are all Estate Agents really the same?

Are all Estate Agents really the same?

“I first saw the house advertised on Agent A’s website and rang them for further information. They said they would email me a full specification. After 3 days this hadn’t arrived so I called into their office and collected a hard copy brochure. Later in the day I phoned them to say I was interested in viewing that evening. They promised to phone me back within 10 minutes. I hadn’t heard anything by the time I was ready to leave work, so I gave them a chase and they called me back with an appointment. I think they had forgotten all about me.

 I fell in love with the house and went into their office the next morning (Wednesday) to put in an offer. I also asked them to come and put my house on the market, although the first time they could do it was the following Tuesday at 3.00pm.

 I was a bit disappointed by this and decided to get another agent out. I went into another estate agent (Agent B) in the town. There were two girls talking in a back office and I had to wait for about 5 minutes before they came out. I told them that I wanted to sell my house and asked that they send someone out to value it. They were unable to come until Monday.

 I spoke to friends on Thursday who told me I ought to get my house on the market quickly as I might lose the house I wanted to buy. I then decided to try one more agent. As I was passing a local agent called Agent C, I popped into the office. A very pleasant and friendly young lady stood up and immediately greeted me. She quickly found out my situation and said that I really needed to get things moving very quickly so as not to lose my house.

 Whilst we were talking, another gentleman came across and introduced himself as the person who would be coming out. I found him to be a very pleasant and professional man. To be honest I had already made my decision then, that I was highly likely to use them. He offered to come out later that day to fit in with me before I went away for the weekend.

 He arrived on time and asked me to tell him exactly what I wanted out of his visit. He also wanted to know what things, if any, gave me cause for concern. He asked me to show him round the property and suggested he measured up so that he was ready to get it onto the market.

 We sat at the dining table and he then asked me if there were any other questions before he moved onto explain how his Company could help me. I felt that he was well informed about the local market and he brought along details of other properties that were currently for sale on my estate, plus some that his firm had recently sold. We agreed that the house needed to be priced right to get a quick sale. I was expecting something between &260,000 and &270,000. He agreed with my thoughts and he suggested we ask &269,950. I was quite impressed by him and the interest shown to me by the other person in his office. I was particularly pleased compared to the experience I had with Agent A and Agent B.

 He tried hard to get me to make a decision to go ahead. I explained that my husband and I were going away for the weekend and I needed to speak to him about what had been discussed. In truth I had decided that we would use him to sell our house. We left it that I would speak again on Monday.

 When we got back on Sunday evening there was a message on the answerphone from Agent C saying that they hoped we had a good break and looked forward to speaking on Monday. We were very impressed by this and I went into his office first thing Monday to sign the agency agreement. I cancelled Agent A’s appointment but thought it might be interesting to see what Agent B had to say, even though I had signed with Agent C.

 Agent B’s manager arrived with a young person who he said was undergoing training. He told me that he knew we wanted to sell and that he would have a quick look round, then talk to me about selling. He seemed to rush round, took no measurements or notes, and then told me that the property should be put on the market at &295,000. I knew this was a daft price as none like my style of house had been that high. He said that his fees were 1.5% and although we could get cheaper, his Company didn’t cut corners. He said he’d leave me to think about it and call on Wednesday. He never asked me if I wanted to give it to his Company.

 He did call on Wednesday as agreed. He was somewhat surprised when I told him that I had given it to Agent C and already had an offer.

 I was annoyed by Agent A because when I called them to say I had sold my house they told me that I was too late as someone else had bought it. Needless to say I was very upset.

 There was a happy ending though. Agent C contacted a number of owners of properties like the one I was hoping to buy. Within three days, they had found one for me to view and to cut a long story short, we bought it and exchanged contracts last week.”