Where do we go from here?

Where do we go from here?

With the election behind us and a promised heatwave ahead, June is always a great time to review and reflect before tackling the challenges of the second half of the year.
There is no doubt that estate agents need to continually up their game in the face of market challenges and stiffer competition. Completed sales for January and February were significantly less than last year (130,169 across the first two months of 2014, compared to 107,271 in 2015), making the sales market a harder place to operate in. Traditional "high street" agents are also having their market share nibbled at by "internet only" alternatives.
So, there is no doubt that raising standards of service and behaviour remains key to maintaining and increasing market share. "Dare to be different!" is proving one of our most in-demand courses at present, with its sole focus on standing out from the crowd in the right way. It serves as a great motivational event for negotiators and helps them get exceptional results. Call us for a quote for your company. As one owner said, after we ran the session for his troops... "It is likely to be the best investment we make this year"...
We do of course recognise that not every agent has the budget for staff training, so, as always, our newsletter provides free tips and techniques on massively improving your business and its results. Enjoy.

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