When the going gets tough...

When the going gets tough...

There are some serious challenges out there for vast numbers of estate agency firms. The chronic lack of instructions has led to a fee bloodbath in many areas. I have heard High Street agents actually quoting 0.25% and £250 fees respectively in recent weeks. This will mean a slow lingering death for those that drag themselves down to that level.
So, when the going gets tough, what do the tough do? Get going?
Well, actually, we think they get better. The tough agents will change what they do, raise standards in all key parts of their processes, and ultimately be seen as a different and superior agent compared to their competitors.
There have been a few recent estate agency branch closures that have come to my attention. What did those branches have in common? An inability to adapt to the challenges of a changing market.
It brings to mind the famous quote from Machiavelli
“This is the tragedy of man. Circumstances change, and he does not.”
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