Would you like your new staff to be “Stars of Tomorrow”?

Would you like your new staff to be “Stars of Tomorrow”?

This unique three day programme is proving immensely popular with independent estate agents who currently provide limited or no induction training to their new recruits. “Stars of Tomorrow” is the perfect launch for anyone joining the industry.

One business owner hailed it as accelerating his young negotiator ahead of other employees who had been with the firm for 6 months or more. A recent attendee described his experience as follows: “Having gone on a few sales training courses over the years, attending one through TM Training & Development was a breath of fresh air. At no point was anyone in attendance not engaged with Julian. The sessions were interactive, well-thought out and very easy to follow. I can't recommend TM Training & Development highly enough as an Estate Agent, and I know my company will continue to use their services.”

The course covers key essentials such as:

  • Exceptional applicant registration – sorting the “make you money” customers from the “cost you money” ones
  • Building relationships of trust with customers and clients.
  • Making the most out of other income streams
  • Managing your applicant database to generate business and agree sales
  • Handling fee enquiries
  • Spotting valuation opportunities
  • Booking valuations in an exceptional manner
  • Conducting effective accompanied viewings

If you have anyone within your organisation who would benefit from this course, please contact us on 01480 405583 or email Julian direct at julianodell@live.co.uk