Julian has been drawing attention to himself…

Julian has been drawing attention to himself…

“For many years, I have been staying in hotels for two or three nights a week, usually left with a default setting of watching forgettable television programmes for entertainment.

One evening I absentmindedly drew a picture of the lead singer of a band I like and texted a pal to ask whether he recognised who it was. He came back instantly with the right answer and requested I draw a different singer of whom he was a fan. I duly obliged. He asked if he could buy it. I replied that he could have it. He insisted on paying. I insisted he needn’t. The impasse was broken by my suggestion of a donation on my Justgiving page. He donated &30. Thus the seed of an idea formed.

I embarked upon the goal of a sketch per day while I was bunkered down each night in one of Lenny Henry’s purple pads (other cheap hotels are available) and posted each one on Facebook and Twitter. People kept buying them. My fundraising total grew each day.

A four week road trip to France and Italy meant it was difficult to adhere to the “one a day” rule but twenty or so new sketches were done and posted.

To date, over &2500 has been raised with another &1000 or so in the pipeline based on the number of requests that have come in. Just this weekend, I drew someone’s son and the father donated &100.

It strikes me that everyone is a winner here. I like drawing the pictures. Thankfully people seem to like them enough to buy them. And no doubt Macmillan like receiving the money generated.”

If you would like to donate to Julian’s cause or see some of his work, visit https://www.justgiving.com/Julian-O-Dell/