Ready for the final push?

Ready for the final push?

Quarter 4 is always so crucial to success. The two key aims are driving out income to ensure the calendar year as a whole hits target and simultaneously putting new business together to ensure the starting pipeline for the new year is healthy.
Agents who keep their foot on the gas right through until Christmas will reap the rewards in 2015.
This edition of our newsletter focuses on how to give your agency the edge over your competition during this critical period.
And remember, staff training to raise standards in all you do needs to play a part in your strategy for success. Our most forward thinking firms are already booking training with us for 2015. Quarter 4 is the best time to design a training programme for the following year. Don't leave it too late!

Being busy is all well and good, but what are you and your team actually achieving?

A high percentage of staff in estate agency offices have the job title “negotiator”,

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