Mind the gap!

Mind the gap!

One vital role of a negotiator is to spot and convert opportunities for market appraisals, yet little attention is given to this critical area of the business. It is all very well to target for exchanges, sales, viewings and so on, but none of these will ever be achieved without going through sufficient front doors in the first place. Therefore monthly team and individual targets for appraisal generation are key to thriving in challenging times.

Effective valuers will do all they can on the appraisal to convince the client that their services will be the most likely to get them the result they are looking for, whether it be the best possible price, the quickest possible sale, the avoidance of hassle and inconvenience, or ideally all three. But this highly skilled approach can only be employed once an appraisal has been secured by the valuer's colleagues. To achieve the appointment often necessitates the non-valuers possessing a similar skill set to the valuers in terms of promoting the merits and USPs of the company's services as well as having a detailed knowledge of the competitors' proposition to highlight one's own strengths against their weaknesses.

In reality, many non-valuers have not been supported by training or coaching in this discipline, and some have never even been out on an appraisal to enable them to understand the process and pick up key phrases or soundbites used to persuade clients of their firm's superior services.

If a non-valuer meets a local applicant with a property to sell, whether that be at registration stage or at a viewing, he/she needs to be as proficient as the valuers at converting that opportunity. In other words, when offering a free valuation and being faced with resistance (eg "I've already had two valuations" or "We're going to put it on the market with Bloggs and Co as we bought it from them"), an appraisal appointment MUST still be achieved. This can be done by highlighting one's own key selling services in comparison to the other agents, by explaining recent sales successes that your agency has had particularly where other agents have failed, by pointing out market share stats where relevant and crucially by focusing on how your USPs will achieve a better result.

This high calibre persuasive approach can only be achieved by way of training/coaching the non-valuers to reach the levels of knowledge and confidence of the valuers. Failure to address this issue will  undoubtedly lead to missed appraisals and thus less instructions and sales.

Our "Supporting the Valuer" course has worked wonders in helping non-valuers achieve more appraisals by converting opportunities, handle fee enquiries and book appointments in an exceptional manner. Do give us a call if you feel this course would help your agency.