Happy New Year? Let's make it one!

Happy New Year? Let's make it one!

I am never sure what the acceptable latest date is to wish people a happy new year, but at the risk of being past that point, please accept that sentiment from us all here at TM training & development. 
After a record year in 2014, it is always sobering to start a new year from scratch, with the intention and desire to try and build on previous success. Early signs are that the market is lively for many agents in many areas, stock is still king and that 2015 will still provide challenges with the continuing impact of MMR, mixed media messages on house prices and an imminent election likely to be factors.
Our first newsletter of the year contains, unusually, just one main article. Such was the impact of a recent trip taken by my family and I, that I wanted to share the business lessons learnt. Plus, we know how busy you all are, so it might just be that one article is all you have time to read.
We have included our updated list of open course events for 2015, which have attracted record attendances in recent months. It would be great to see clients old and new at some of those in the coming weeks.
Our newsletter and our courses, plus the consultancy and mentoring we carry out for sales and lettings agents are geared to ensuring that a happy new year is not merely a sentiment, but a reality.

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