Are you well read?

Are you well read?

Newsletters sent via email are a great way to get your brand in front of potential clients. Everybody that comes into contact with your business should be added to your database and kept in touch by way of the cheap, fast and simple method of a regular communication.

But what should go into them to attract interest?

One of the most popular items that I have put together for my estate agency and my client firms is a “Top Ten Investment Opportunities” feature. This always seems to be read more than all the other features put together, so it strikes me as an important inclusion within any ongoing client communication.

To put it together is straightforward. Select the best ten investment properties that are currently up for sale and lay them out with a thumbnail alongside. State the address (without house number), quote the asking price, the likely monthly rent and the gross annual yield (annual rent divided by asking price, multiplied by 100).

Put the list in descending yield order (a recent one I put together for an agency started at 7.1% and ran down to 5.2%) and drop it into your newsletter with the tantalising headline “Don’t miss our top ten investment opportunities”.

Monitor response and update content each month. Let me know your results…It should be a winner!