Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

So 2014 is here and who knows what highs and lows we will experience in the world of property sales and lettings. One thing is certain however...that stock will be key to success.
For that reason alone, January is a critical month for instructions as it builds the stock to sell or let in Q1 of the new year.
It is a great time therefore to reflect on why clients should instruct you rather than the competition, on what you do differently and/or better than other agents. Review your services objectively, find out what the competition are offering and make sure all staff can promote the reasons for using you instead of any other agent.
If you cannot find differences, you need to create some! Open longer hours, broaden your advertising, train your staff, improve service levels - do whatever you need to stand out from the crowd.
The public typically think we are all the same - it is your responsibility to prove them wrong! That way you will win more business and make sure 2014 really is a happy new year!

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