“The Magic of thinking Big”

“The Magic of thinking Big”

Maybe the book that has influenced my attitudes most over the years is one I bought when I was in my early twenties, felt stuck in a rut and looking for a career change. It is called the “Magic of thinking Big” and I have found much of its content valuable over the years in “getting my brain in gear” to deal with the challenges of life.

The basic beliefs it outlines may sound simple and obvious, but I find a reread every now and then forces me to challenge the negative habits that are easy to fall into. I find it particularly useful in thinking of the challenges faced in being successful in estate agency.

So what are the rules?

Win success by believing you can succeed; believe you can do it, remind yourself regularly that you are better than you think you are, and remember to have some big clear life goals to motivate you.

Understand the importance of the mind in driving success or failure: thinking power is more important than intelligence. Get rid of that voice in your head which only sees reasons things won’t succeed and replace it with an optimistic view. When you fail, see it as only a stop on the route to success.

Conquer “excusitis”. Some basic but interesting rules here: refuse to talk about your health: remember although knowledge is important it is how you use it that is more important: you don’t have to be a genius to succeed. Don’t believe in Luck: remember the old adage “The harder I work the luckier I get”.

Use the “Action Technique” to cure fear and build confidence: All of us have fears or lack of confidence at time .So be a “front seater”, get involved and commit yourself to meetings: Practice making eye contact, move 25% faster and practice speaking up and smiling when you greet people. Remember “Action conquers fear”.

Think big by visualising the future: there is nothing wrong with dreaming of what you want to achieve as long as it is a detailed and clear vision that you are motivated to act on.

Make your environment work for you. If your work environment is not like that you would expect a successful person to have: be it your appearance or your desk or your team environment do something about it. Only you can manage your environment so go First Class.

Win friends by creating conversational generosity and surround yourself with other positive minded people: In conversations avoid the word I and replace it with you. Find out about and pay an interest in others. 

Get the action habit: don’t wait until the conditions are perfect. In life many of us put off actions until we feel the time is right….the phrase I hear most commonly at present is “I’ll do that after Christmas!”: yet the most successful estate Agents will be making the most of all the time available to them in December…is that you ?

And finally: Get a clear fix on where you want to go in life, nothing motivates more than a passionately held belief or goal to improve your success  in life.

Being British we often avoid “looking under the surface” at what emotions and attitudes drive success, but the precepts outlined above seem as valid to me as when I first read them 30 years ago.

Peter Chapman

TM training & development

December 2015