Are you running a winning campaign?

Are you running a winning campaign?

With the country now just days away from deciding who governs over the coming years, everyone involved in the property industry is waiting to see the result and the subsequent actions of the new regime that may affect our businesses.
Whether it be a mansion tax, scrapping of tenants' fees, a review of stamp duty or rent capping, there will almost certainly be developments that will affect the property market. Housing has become a huge political issue and agents need to be ready for whatever changes are introduced.

But there are other lessons to be learnt from the election. Political parties have been campaigning hard to raise their profile locally and to secure votes. So what can agents learn from this activity?

One question we suggest to our client firms that they should ask themselves regularly (certainly more often than every 5 years!) is this – “If there were a vote taken locally as to who was the most active estate agent in your area, which agent would win?”

If the answer is not your agency, perhaps you need to rethink your “campaigning” in order to secure more votes in the future! Our first article gives some thoughts on the matter and the other articles all focus on helping your agency raise standards to ensure you emerge victorious. Enjoy.

You’ve got to be in it to win it…

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Are your customers suitably disturbed?

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