Are you ready for the challenges of 2016?

Are you ready for the challenges of 2016?

So we are six weeks into the new year and on our training travels around the country since Christmas, we continue to see "internet only" agents gaining momentum, stock generally in short supply and fees under massive pressure.
We have trained firms already this year in Milton Keynes, Cirencester, Stoke on Trent, Lincoln, Cobham, King's Langley, Leamington Spa, St Neots, Leeds, Brighton, Stevenage, Maidstone, Newark, Pinner, Shrewsbury, Hemel Hempstead, London, Weybridge, Stratford upon Avon, Gatwick, Newcastle, Taunton, Monmouth and elsewhere, with the general picture emerging that things are good but not easy.
Those firms invested in training to give themselves an edge. Thankfully they then look to reinvest with us still further due to the results the initial training achieves. The premise is simply that the training more than pays for itself.
As a result, we have bookings through until January 2017, but we are always keen to talk to more potential client firms. As one of our regular clients stated "It is the best investment we will make this year".
We look forward to talking to you. In the meantime, our newsletter will give you a taste of how we roll. Enjoy.

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