Don’t be a Twit…

Don’t be a Twit…

An effective Twitter account is a key strategy by which you build interaction and relationships with potential customers.

There are more than 250 million monthly active Twitter users. More than 15 million UK adults have used Twitter at some time. Adults up to the age of 34 form the most active group with over 45% of this category having had a Twitter account at some time in the last 3 years.

Your company may have a Twitter account but the medium works even more effectively if key staff members have Twitter accounts and build a personal profile that underpins and informs about your brand both personally and professionally.

Your objective through the Twitter platform is to create a buzz around you and your brand. You should be tweeting on themes rather than directly marketing properties. I personally unfollow agents who merely autotweet their available stock and I know I’m not alone in this policy.

Astute agents will pick themes like the local property market, unusual happenings and properties, local events, company sponsorship of charities, celebrity activity in the property market and so on.

Twitter is a very transparent form of communication and if you are going to use it for business generation and influencing, you do need to show a degree of discipline in what you tweet. Remember you are trying to create a wide range of followers - so how much you had to drink on Saturday night is not necessarily the right thing to be tweeting to potential customers!

One of the positives of Twitter is that you can follow key local decision makers and influencers like journalists on the local newspaper, local community leaders, key business people and often provide a real new route to bring coverage and publicity to your company through them receiving your tweets and retweeting them.

You can soon build a really positive profile and brand within Twitter by engaging, informing and, in some cases, amusing. We are pleased that TM training has approaching 5,500 followers and that our parent estate agency company Thomas Morris Sales and Lettings (@ThomasMorrisEA) has a similar number. If you would like to join our happy band of followers, please do so – Julian and Peter are @agencytrainer or @agencyadviser respectively.

Some estate agents are fearful of Twitter because it allows outsiders to comment on them or their company and for those messages to be retweeted to other followers.

However there can be a positive side:

I know of one office where a tenant tweeted that she was having difficulty receiving a response from that office via email, but was contacted immediately via Twitter and received a call within 15 minutes from the receipt of the tweet…that then led her to tweet “Thank you for providing an excellent service….I really would recommend you to my


A fan created from a complaint – such is the power of Twitter…