2013....unlucky for some?

2013....unlucky for some?

With just a few weeks of 2013 gone, there appears to be a large number of estate agents surfing on a new wave of optimism. Many of my client firms are reporting brisk business despite challenging weather.

Several house price and market reports (including Land Registry, Rightmove and the ONS) have offered up positive outlooks as to where values are going or will go in the next twelve months.

However, a dollop of caution is necessary as house price movement is something of a red herring for agents. Transaction numbers are our lifeblood. The number of residential sales across England and Wales in 2012 looks like being similar to 2011 (between 600,000 and 650,000), namely less than half the heady days of the pre-downturn years. Dividing the total residential sales by the number of estate agency branches makes grim reading as the figures suggest strongly that there are insufficient transactions to sustain the number of outlets.

The key to 2013 is to face that challenge by upskilling to seize a larger market share. Valuers need to be the best in the area to win more than their fair share of instructions. Negotiators need to be better than ever before at spotting and maximising sales opportunities.

These objectives are not met by willpower alone. It is time to train and coach staff to the highest possible level of performance. Call us and we will talk you through your options. 2013 is going to be a battle - make sure your troops are equipped for it!

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