The times they are a-changing...

The times they are a-changing...

 Change is the watchword this month. The weather is turning milder, there are imminent reforms relating to pensions, the election and potential change of government is starting to take up more and more column inches and there has even been a change of ownership here at TM training & development.
What is less certain is how market conditions may change over the coming months. We are seeing a very patchy picture on our training travels around the country, with some of our client firms reporting a fantastic start to March, while others, particularly in London are telling a different tale.
Four recent major house price reports contradicted each other with two reporting recent rises and the other two detailing recent falls, creating mixed messages in the media.
Whatever the market brings during 2015, one thing that never changes is the need to stand out from the competition. Differentiation is the only surefire way of increasing market share. So, enjoy our latest newsletter which, as always, focuses on raising standards to ensure you are better than your rivals. After all, that is one change that you are in control of.

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